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The possibilities for custom concrete installations are limitless, but countertops are one of our most commonly requested applications for their aesthetic and charm.  At In.sek, we work with homeowners, business owners, architects, and designers to create custom concrete installations for private residences, retail stores, restaurants, offices, and hotels.   Our process starts with a consultation where we discuss all the details of the project and then send over a quote based on the scope of the project.  Once the quote is approved and a deposit is received, we go to the space to make a custom template of the countertops.  This is a crucial step so that the countertops fit perfectly in the spot they are intended for.  From there, we use our templates to make a custom mold, pour the concrete, and do all the finishing and sealing in our Brooklyn studio.  Once the counters are done we set up a date to come and install them.  Installation typically takes a few hours and we make sure to work neatly, organized, and leave without a trace.  Final payment is typically due upon completion of installation.  To schedule a free consultation please call or email.

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