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The SQR Side Table / Nightstand is one of our most ambitious creations, blurring the line between art object and furniture. Comprising a removable lid that doubles as a laptop tray which can be used on the sofa or in bed, the piece is both sculptural and practical for everyday use. Below is a hidden compartment perfect for storing books and sofa throws.

Starting from conceptualization, the SQR Side Table has been in development for over a year. Along the way we’ve encountered several failures and successes throughout the creative process.

SQR 6×6 Box

View in store here.

The side table evolved from the idea to scale up one of our classic 6×6 boxes. We created an interior wooden box so that the side table could double up as storage, serving a multi-functional purpose. We then continued to tweak the design so that every little detail was perfected, including wool felt on the underside of the lid and felt pads underneath the table to protect flooring.

Concrete cracking upon drying.

As concrete tends to shrink while drying, while wood expands when wet, cracking was a huge problem for us.

We faced various challenges working with wood and concrete together. A significant one was the fact that concrete tends to shrink while drying whereas wood expands when wet. This led to our biggest problem—that of the concrete cracking upon drying.

To solve this issue, we worked through many different recipes and iterations before finally arriving at the perfect formula and construction which left us with a superior product.

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