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All told, we spend a good portion of our lives in bed—it’s where we recharge. It is our quiet space to heal both body and mind through rest and relaxation. A place to reset from a long day, to dream, to read, to think, to make love, and to find solace. When you start to think about it, we spend some of the most intimate and important moments of life in our bed.

When we get a good night sleep we often feel rejuvenated, happier, and function better throughout the day.  The power of sleep is universal, it is at the core of our being and one of the few absolute necessities of life.

That is why we believe in the power of honoring that space with a solid framework. We have worked tirelessly designing and building several different bed frames, tweaking and perfecting, each time trying to come closer to a design we are proud of. Our guidelines have been the following: A frame that is built solid but lightweight enough to move if needed, sturdy when assembled yet easy to disassemble by hand without tools, that supports the body evenly yet uses the least amount of parts possible, that is made with responsibly sourced materials and no harmful chemical finishes, and a design that’s made with sacred proportional geometry so that the frame will withstand trends of the time and go beyond to impart a timelessness that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Materials: Currently we are offering the Grdlok bed in Ash wood. We chose Ash wood because it is a beautiful hardwood grown locally in New York, where currently thousands of Ash trees are dying due to an infestation of Emerald Ash Borer beetles. Rather than allowing these trees to go into landfills, or become mulch or firewood, we respect their beauty by giving them a lasting second chance.



Handmade by skilled craftswomen using a combination of hand and power tools, each bed comes as a kit of 19 pieces:

9 columns / 6 beams / 4 plywood panels

(Our gif shows just how easily it comes together in minutes.)

The interlocking-wood triple-lap joint at each connection point is ultra strong, ensuring that the frame never rotates or wobbles. The thick, solid beams of wood keep your mattress flat and even for the ultimate ergonomic sleeping experience.

Many beds are difficult to assemble and made of cheap fiberboards that crumble and weaken over time. Often, these beds can only be put together once or twice before the connections get loose and they start to wobble—and eventually need to be thrown away.

The Gridlok bed offers an alternative. It can be assembled and disassembled by hand, over and over again, without ever weakening. And we have eliminated the need for glue, tools, and hardware!

In an economy of disposables, we design pieces that withstand the test of time. We hope this is the last bed frame you ever have to buy!

Please write us an email to enquire about purchasing a Gridlock bed to


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