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The Ravine Table is a striking centerpiece dining room table. It features a solid live edge slab split in two then inverted to create a ravine down the center of the table. A mix of wood and blackened steel butterflies hold the two halves of the slab together adding strength and graceful stability. The base consists of a steel “T” leg on one end with a hand-patina finish and a rectangular wooden box of matching wood species on the other side. The base seeks to create a compelling visual asymmetry that is understated yet bold. Finally this piece is finished with a hand-carved blackened walnut insert that fits like a glove into the ravine for entertaining purposes. It discreetly slides in and out of the ravine with ease, resting on unnoticeable shelves carved into the inner edges of the table’s interior edges.

Each table we create is a direct collaboration with our clients. We carefully work together to find the perfect slab to harmoniously fit into your space and then craft the table legs with custom dimensions and offer several different finish options for the legs from shiny brass to blackened steel. We are proud to offer a wide variety of options for customization. Please email us to get started with your next project.

Materials: English Elm, blackened steel, blackened walnut

Dimensions: 8′ L x 40″ W x 30″ H

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