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For this client’s home located in the heart of Williamsburg we created custom concrete stair treads and landings for three levels of the home. We first created a perfect prototype of the stair tread before making a few rubber molds.  Once we had the molds, we used them to cast all 75 stair treads so that they would be identical in shape and size.

The front entryway was poured in place concrete we then finished with hand troweling.  Hand troweling is a beautiful and very old technique that gives fantastic texture that shows the hand in the process of creation.  It makes for a very special finish option.

Details include: hand-sculpted bullnose edges and seamless transitions between the concrete treads and wood floors.

Dimension: treads 1.5″ H x 32″ L x 11″ W

: Custom blend concrete mix for extra strength and resilience using A/R Fiberglass instead of traditional steel rebar for reinforcing.


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