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The Hudson Bed is the newest version of our timeless classic, the Gridlok, with fewer parts for a more beautiful design. All materials that go into making the Hudson are responsibly sourced with no harmful chemical finishes.

The Hudson is handmade by skilled craftswomen in our Brooklyn studio using a combination for hand and power tools. Each piece comes in a 19-piece kit and boasts the following features:

• Solid but lightweight frame
• Sturdy when assembled
• Easily disassembled
• Designed with proportional, sacred geometry to impart timelessness
• Ergonomic; supports the body evenly

Hudson orders are easily customizable—we offer the bed in walnut or ash, and matching slab headboards are available upon request. Additionally, beds come in varying heights depending on whether or not additional under-bed storage is required.

Feel free to drop us an email to enquire about the Hudson Bed. We hope this is the last bed frame you ever have to buy!

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