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This project was the culmination of several different ideas amalgamating. First, there was the program of housing or encasement to hold two turntables and a mixer, as well as various other componentry associated with turntables. Then there was the concern for how the human body would engage and interact with the piece.

The aim here was to convey a sense of dynamic motion which would correlate the piece to the music which it played. The three part body of the musical platform was broken down into separate but interlocking elements. Each section played different roles in the composition of the piece and were treated with different materials to express different qualities about music, rhythm, speed and the notion of suspending a sound infinitely through architecture.

Dimension: 29.25″ H x 69.5″ L x 18.5″ W

: Concrete, Resin, Steel, Walnut Veneer, Ebony


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