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Crease Concrete Hanging Planter Large


Having plants around makes you feel better – fact! Give your beloved plants the gift of an equally beautiful home. The Crease planter is an interesting hanging planter that looks like a crumpled piece of paper made of porcelain but is actually delicately sculpted sheet of concrete we manipulate into a hemisphere.  When you get one in your hands you won’t believe the texture- smooth and cold like glass on the outside, and rough and textured on the inside. Crease makes an excellent watertight concrete planter which plants love and thrive in.  Each piece is unique and made by hand one at a time in our Brooklyn studio. With a pop of foliage these pieces come alive with a fun whimsical charm yet remain understated enough to go in a variety of setting from bedrooms and living rooms to offices and restaurants.

Materials: Concrete, stainless steel wire and ring to hang.

Size: 10″ Diameter x 5″ H with 32″ of stainless steel hanging wire

Color: White


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