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Beautiful solid cast concrete incense burner looks great as a table centerpiece and catches all the ash from your favorite incense. Comes with a 1/8″ hole in the center of the piece to hold all sized incense sticks or cones from small to large. Easy to clean with soap and water. Can be used indoor and outdoor.  Collects all the dust from your incense perfectly in the bowl!

Depending on the size of your incense, you may need to wiggle it around a bit to find a sweet spot where the incense stick stands perfectly upright to get all of the ash to fall into the bowl.  We drill out a 1/8″ hole to accommodate a variety of different incense stick sizes. We recommend using another incense stick or small piece of wood if the incense is a bit loose to get it to stand up straight. Works like a charm!)

Made in Brooklyn in limited runs.

Each piece is slightly different in color and texture as concrete is a natural material. Actual boxes vary slightly from piece to piece, no two will ever be the same.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in

Gray, Charcoal

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